About GAIA.

GAIA is a Colorado business made up of caregivers to provide services and products in Colorado.

We currently provide or give referrals to the following services at our locations:

  • Cannabis counseling/sales
  • Tinctures and edibles
  • Nutraceuticals¬†and wellness products
  • Acupuncture, massage and chiropractic service by appointment.
  • Nutritional Therapy and counseling
  • Delivery services and in-house caregiving services for patients unable to make it to our stores.

In addition to our store services, we are also doing the following:

  • Actively lobbying at the state and local levels for patients’ rights and “safe access” to MMJ
  • Members of CBA (Cannabis Business Alliance)
  • Contributing at least 5% of our sales to various charity organizations
  • Running a need-based program to help defray the cost of medication for those without the means to afford MMJ
  • Working with other dispensary groups to build alliances around products and services
  • Working with other grower groups to ensure quality medication which is mold and chemical free


Wholesale MMJ Services

For more information or to schedule a meeting concerning GAIA wholesale services, please email us.